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Charles Wolfe June 24, 2021 (updated July 7, 2021)

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is an ideology steeped in both Marxism and racism. It is quickly becoming enshrined in all facets of culture, including academia. It has been a standard in universities and colleges for decades. Starting in 2020-2021, primary schools are beginning to be invaded by CRT. But, is its racist theology at Quaker Valley? I'll present the evidence and let you be the judge.

Letter To Families

On June 5, 2020, the Superintendent sent a letter to all Quaker Valley (QV) families. This letter was prompted by an Allegheny Intermediate Unit (AIU) joint statement on prejudice and racism. The letter contains many terms and phrases commonly used by Critical Race Theory advocates. It purports that George Floyd’s death shined a “spotlight on racial inequality, violence, and brutality”. As a result, we need to “work together to remove walls that stand in the way of social justice and peace” because this moment “demands that we reaffirm our role as champions of equity, empathy, and humanity”. Read the full text of both the AIU statement and the QV letter to families by clicking here.

On June 15, 2021, the school board approved the following curriculum/textbooks:

Move This World

The board approved the purchase of Move This Word (MTW) for K-6; though the curriculum is available for grades 7-12 as well. This guided set of videos was founded by Sarah LaHayne. Mrs. LaHayne is a CRT advocate by her own admission. The prompts leave room for CRT to enter the classroom on the whim of the teacher. For a full explanation of this curriculum click here.

Meyers' Psychology

The purchase of Meyers’ Psychology for the AP Course Third Edition textbook was approved. This book clearly supports the American Psychological Association ideology that “whiteness must be addressed”. A detailed exegesis can be found by clicking here.

Give Me Liberty!

School board approved the purchased of Give Me Liberty!: An American History Sixth Edition textbook. This book would make any CRT advocate proud as it completely buys into the “New York Times The 1619 Project”. Click here to see the issues I outlined.


This is an online content platform for English Language Arts, Social Studies and Science teachers. QV teachers have used this resource in classrooms to augment lessons and provide "perspective" and "differing viewpoints" for the topic being taught. It isn't without problems, however. Click here to read my analysis of it.

According to documents acquired on June 7, 2021 via Pennsylvania's sunshine laws, this is what faculty and staff have been up to:

School Superintendent

Registered for Kent State University’s workshops Understanding Race and Racism and the Anti-Racism Workshop. Both of these workshops are part of the University’s Race, Racism and Anti-Racism series. This series has an accompanying learning guide contained CRT filled reading and references; including the racists Abolitionist Teaching Network.

The superintended is “working with an energetic student leadership team to develop thoughts and action plans to move our school district forward” with plans for a Kent State University style “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” group. This work is going to “ramp up in the fall” of 2021.

Registered for Education Week’s online summit Big Ideas: What Does It Mean to Be an Anti-Racist Educator? This summit purports to show “How to address Racism in Schools”

Directory of Instruction and Learning

Has been in communication with ASCD Professional Learning Services whom supplied a document customized for Quaker Valley entitled Creating Inclusive, Equitable Curriculum Materials (dated November 2020). A purchases agreement, dated April 21, 2021, has not been paid as of this writing. ASCD advocates for CRT as evident by their Education Update (October 2019, Volume 61, Number 10).

High School Principal

Registered for a conference by the University of Pittsburgh Center on Race & Social Justice Problems entitled Reframing Suburbs: Understanding Issues of Racial Equity in Suburban schools. It is clearly geared toward CRT.

In The Classroom

A seventh-grade English Language Arts (ELA) teacher gave an assignment pertaining to the pro and con of teaching classic literature -- like Tom Sawyer and Romeo & Juliet -- in the classroom. There were three articles given for reference. Among them was Hooked on Classics by Jill Anderson of Harvard Ed School. This text is clearly in support of the CRT idea of white privilege and systemic racism. So much so, it hints at the book The Hate U Give -- which has many issues including advocating an anti-cop ideology -- being taught in classrooms.

The prosecution rests. Now you be the jury and decide: Is Critical Race Theory at Quaker Valley?